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Try Not To Get MAD Challenge

  • Publicado em 25 Nov 2021
  • These videos will make you angry!!!!
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ComentĂĄrios • 4 122

  • Ethan Wilson

    I love how we just watched this man go through torture of having to look at these videos and images. what a legend

  • Sanity Lyric Video

    I like how in the end, Lazar decided to burst out in rage and just ended the video, it was incredibly hilarious ngl...

  • Hererasaur

    My blood boils at the thought of a 10 year old being better than you at a video game you have played for years

  • Naohao Tingala

    I'm glad Lannan finally has a channel where he can actually talk normally.


    As a professional lego builder I can say this looks really painful

  • Jake Nelson

    Seriously the funniest video I’ve seen in a while! Thanks for that please make more.

  • Beppo
    Beppo  +2

    The final third of the video is just Lazar torturing himself

  • TheBeanBeras

    Best video in a long time, I was dying from your reactions, please keep doing things like this on your second channel

  • Dr.psychoman

    Keep up the good work

  • Will be deleted at 2022

    I put many respect into Lazarbeam videos, he's a legend

  • End creep studios

    Amazing video bro your videos always make me feel good

  • Timmy Lu
    Timmy Lu  +11

    Thanks for uploading more, remember that you bring happiness to people like me.

  • CircleKDucky

    LazerBeams acting deserves a Oscar award.

  • HoodedAbyss

    The only thing keeping me from get mad at the reddit was his funny reaction, but the BRclip video was impossible to not get mad

  • thepolacek

    he works so hard for our entertainment good job\

  • DinoMahFrino

    I missed old lazerbeam doing these reddit challenges hes back now im so happy :)

  • wozzy2008

    These are good, want to see more of these videos.

  • nick carey

    These past few days were tough seeing you post made me happy asf thanks lazar ❀

  • Darth revan

    You know it’s a good day when he uploads

  • Carolyn Vandall

    most youtubers who make try not to get made videos dont even hit the mark but this just made me wanna break something good job Lennon