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lazarbeam ERUPTING A VOLCANO (glitch)

  • Publicado em 30 Abr 2019
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  • LazarLazar
    LazarLazar  3 anos atrás +9

    i credited the person who i saw do this glitch stfu

  • Some Dude
    Some Dude 2 anos atrás +1

    Totally forgot about his second channel until it popped up in my recommended

  • CaptainWoman
    CaptainWoman 3 anos atrás +122

    Lannan always finds ways to break the game... I love it!

  • é0
    é0 3 anos atrás +472

    Never thought id see the day where fresh and lannan call doors thick

  • Yousof Fayoumi
    Yousof Fayoumi 2 anos atrás +222


  • Cameron S. Moore
    Cameron S. Moore 3 anos atrás +28

    Hey Lazar, try the floating cart glitch overnight again, I want to see what the max velocity (if there is one) and the new max height values are!

  • Potato in Tamato
    Potato in Tamato 2 anos atrás +1

    “I’m going to upload more frequently” said lazarbeam 1 year ago

  • Sullivan Family
    Sullivan Family 2 anos atrás +1

    "I'll try to upload regularly on this channel"

  • Reece\Dipper
    Reece\Dipper 3 anos atrás

    Wow, #1 on trending for gaming! Keep up the good/strong work Lannan!

  • Imfreakingawsome 2017
    Imfreakingawsome 2017 3 anos atrás

    #1 trending in gaming

  • ZachsAtmosphere
    ZachsAtmosphere 2 anos atrás +19

    Lazarbeam uploading on this channel is as rare as it raining in A desert.

  • Amayez
    Amayez 3 anos atrás +309


  • YDY
    YDY 2 anos atrás +158

    1 year ago: “lazarbeam gets good series coming soon”

  • Sam Graunke
    Sam Graunke 3 anos atrás +307

    Lazarbeam likes thicc doors more than thicc girls:)

  • bigtoejoe
    bigtoejoe 3 anos atrás +431

    When Lannan starts the video with "G'day G'day"

  • Schuyler Hawklove
    Schuyler Hawklove 3 anos atrás

    Keep cranking out the content!

  • Thejan De Alwis
    Thejan De Alwis 2 anos atrás +85

    Lazarbeam: “i can’t wait to see the volcano event”

  • Damascus
    Damascus 3 anos atrás

    Love watching you! Keep it up hope to be like you someday

  • Yessir mann
    Yessir mann 2 anos atrás +42

    Who else comes to this channel every once and a while just to see if LazarBeam uploads on this channel

  • Old sourmilk
    Old sourmilk 3 anos atrás +62

    I love you Lazarbeam u cheer me up wen I'm in a bad mood